Sunday, February 27, 2005

Contracts to be written on Wednesday but feeling pushed over by the estate agents and sellers. They wanted to use our survey we paid for as part of an insurance they will buy to protect them from hidden faults we could process against them in the future. Bit miffed they had the nerve to ask and expected us to comply without hesitating! It's not like we are paying them peanuts for the house anyway but to be asked to pay THEIR survey, which it would become, and then they will use it in an insurance against us was a bit strong. I've asked around for advice and it seems that if they are buying this insurance the survey needed comes with it in the packet price. But I'm a bit concerned that one of the sellers also is an estate agents so she knows all the tricks and turns and that they might not sell to us if we don't agree on this, it is all hanging loose now before the contract is written. But I told estate chap on the phone that we could share our survey if they agreed to pay half of it or else they could have an own survey done. He sounded thoroughly surprised we didn't agree with them.... Are we to be worried?


Maisey said...

Hi Maria, Not sure with Swedish Law, here you are required to have a survey done on behalf of the lender (bank or building society) and buyer pays for it. Buyer can also have their own done and it is advisable, but is at the buyers expense, so we buyer is paying twice.

Maria said...

Here in Sweden the bank dont demand a survey, it is in your own interest though to have one done and you pay for that yourself. But it is also customary that the sellers have one done in advance as to saying they will sign this insuracne against hidden faults and this is what the survey found out. The point that i got irritated over was really that they wanted our survey for their own insurance instead of getting one done for themselves. But that is now resolved as they will pay us half of the cost and gain a copy of the survey.