Monday, February 07, 2005

The weekend has been quite the rollercoster.
Well it all started last week Thursday when my mum went in for a seemingly simple and straightforward operation. She is still in hospital as the outcome wasn't what they wanted. So while keeping mum happy and preoccupied so she doesn't feel too home sick I've also gone to my gran as well since she is still recovering from her cold. On Friday she was in bed and said she was tired, come Saturday she said she was still tired but fine, leave me alone type of mood, but yesterday all of a sudden she said she couldn't walk. So I panic a bit thinking what now but she insists its nothing wrong, knowing how stubborn she is I didn't know what to do. I go home feeling quite guilty not forcing her to go to hospital and to try to get someone to come see her on a Sunday seems almost impossible but in the end after a lot of fretting and phoning I got to know that the home care was going to go by and have a look. That settled me down a bit and then this morning grans caretaker phoned to say gran couldn't get out of bed to open the door so could I surrender my key to them which I did. I just have had a phone call saying gran cant use her left leg and is going to be taken into hospital. I've just called work saying I'm not coming in and in a minute going to phone and see where gran is at the hospital. My guess? She has had a fall on Thursday evening/night and didn't want to worry anybody, just like she did the last time when she broke her wrist. Sigh

On a completely different note, we got 2 houses to view, one in Borlänge next Monday and the robot one in Falun on Thursday. Still haven't heard anything about the one in Enviken. Possibly they've already sold it.

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