Saturday, February 19, 2005

We got the house!
It is ours if we sign the contract, I cant believe it!
A house... oh let me get started on a To-Do-List, no the mother of all To-Do-Lists! I'm sure I'll scare James with the amount of things I'd like to be done to the house. Even though it is much finished I would like to change the colour scheme from the nice and neutral magnolia heaven it is now to something a bit more vibrant. But it is an old house and it has an old house charm to it so mustn't spoil that with shrill orange or green. I did notice though that one of the old doors had a coat of pale green to it underneath the magnolia. There is so much to think about now, moving to another town and all. But lets get through the survey on Wednesday first before jumping all over the place.


Elle said...

Woo Hoo! Once you're in there we'll want pictures, pictures, pictures!

Eleanor said...

Congratulations! A very, very exciting time for the two of you! Well, ok, a tad scary, too, as you take on the financial commitment, but it's worth it. Hope you have many, many, many happy times in your new abode!

Maisey said...

Oh Yes! DO enjoy the feeling, the is glorious :-)
Am so, so happy for you both...

and I look forward to (hopefully) visiting soon :-)

Snowbabies said...


Debbie & Paul

Marie said...

Congratulations! It sounds really, really lovely. I hope you are both happy there.