Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The survey man has been and done his bit and the conclusion was that part from a few minor things there wasnt anything wrong with the house! So we are moving slowly along and going to set a date for when the contrac is to be signed and set a date for when we are going to move in. Sometime around 25 may sounded possible. Got to ask for vacation as well so we can move in peace and quiet without hustling and stressing about. Not that there will be moments of stress and whatnots, including the selling of this place. Am thinking possibly we should have an agent doing it for us, but we really need to sell it quickly so we dont want it stuck at some agents for god knows how long.

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Maisey said...

Fantastic! I am so pleased for you guys..never mind the comment you made Maria about room for guests !!!! Oh Yes!! :-)

Pauline, I WILL email..promise..told Maria I missed your ones..I know I have been woeful...but change is coming :-) Hope all is well..Mary