Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Gran is coming home today. Nothing was broken she just had a bad fall where she landed on her hip. Haven't heard anything from mum so she might have her second operation today to fix the annoying bit that didn't work and which has kept her at the hospital since Thursday. It will be such a relief to have at least one of them home, possibly mum can go home today as well, we'll have to see.

I am home, feeling quite tired and exhausted even though I haven't done much. Maybe it is a mental tiredness of being worried. I phoned my boss yesterday saying I wasn't coming in today either, don't think I would have been of any use anyway as distracted as I feel right now. I want that phone to ring so I know what's happening! Relax, calm down...BREATH! So much for the cool and collected Maria. ;)

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