Wednesday, April 03, 2002

I hate early mornings! Still i rather work early and have the afternoon off. Now why doesnt that mix? And it was heavy at work today as well since my fellow worker thought he had more fun running around talking to people then to help me out in the vegetable and fruit section. I got pissed off and called him and told him i've done my bit and now it is yours what is left and we open in 40 minutes! He came running back all apologetic but i didnt buy it for one second. Anyway, he did what he was supposed to do the rest of the day. But it is annoying that its me that have to tell him what to do. Its really meant that im helping him as an assistant type more then me saying what needs to be done. Hmm, i might muscle my way in there and take over if he is such a push over, would get a payrise then as well... We'll see how things turn out since i heard i might be getting the other shifts in the veggies.

I got some assembly to do do later on tonight. New tv calls for a new tv bench and that is what we got today. Poor James all tired from work had to come along and help haul it back home. Fortunatly it came in a little flat box, well little and little, it fitted over the bike so we could walk it back home like that. You might wonder why i didnt say that James got some "handy-andy" stuff to do later on. Well if i left it to him i dont think we would have a table today, maybe tomorrow and after a few moans about the screws not fitting or something similar. So being the handy person in the household i'll do it myself and James can assist... (He'll kill me for that comment)

Oh i wish that they would shut up with the so called singing across the street! There is a local band practising in the youth center and it sounds bloody awfull! Caterwailing, not singing....did i really say that? I cant be that old can i? OH GOD ... NOOO!!

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