Thursday, April 25, 2002

Another day closer to the England trip. I am not so nervous right now. Maybe I will be ok this time, or maybe not..
James is working late today, again. The only good thing about this is that he can bring back some new books once in a while when management looks the other way. Apparently everyone does it, and it seems alright as long as you dont take big heaps of books, so he started to do the same this week by bringing me Jonas Gardells new book, Ett ufo gör entre. That one I read from cover to cover in 1˝ days since I thought it was good and compelling. Now he has brought me a book by John le Carre, The Constant Gardener. A thriller - murder story from what i can tell by reading the summary of it. Havent started it yet but I might do that tonight when i've come back from the hairdresser.

I feel a bit cheated about it being spring. It is around +20 outside and people are walking in shorts and tshirts, thats not spring, thats summer! I like spring, I like it slowly getting warmer and the odd snowfall in strange times, and that the days are getting longer and longer, but now it seems more like summer already, right now. And its not even Valborg! It must have something to do with global warming. Because from what I can remember when i was younger we still had snow and ice on the lake at the end of april. But now the trees has shifted to green almost over night. Its still very faint green, but a couple of more days like this and it will be the very intense green you get in the start of summer. Im surprised i havent felt more of my pollen allergy. Maybe it isnt so bad this year even though the newspapers are talking about a pollen explosion...

Did you know that they use the same word , sultana, for the raisin and the wife of a sultan? I would hate being called a dried up grape if i had married a rich sultan... ;o)

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