Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Eh... Im confused. I started my new schedule and im no longer off on tuesdays but instead i am on wednesdays. And it seems wrong to be home right now. But never the less im freeeeee!

And what am i going to do today you ask, SHOP! I just realised yesterday that i really dont have any good spring/summer clothes or shoes. So today i will be dragging a very unwilling James around town in the search of new stuff. He didnt like it yesterday when i had a quick look around at 5 in the shoeshop and im sure he wont like it today either. But he will have to get used to it! Actually he really is better then the average guy when we go shopping, well unless it takes too long because then he will start yawning very often and look all miserable and mopy. But if i think he will do that i usually tell him to go home and i can shop alone. But then he puts in his "oh no im not tired" comment but still walks around with a martyr look on his face so i give up and send him home anyway. Im sure he has a smug grin on his face when walking home that he was let off again....

I will never forget when we went shopping for shoes for him. He still havent got any new ones btw... That experience made me almost pull my hair out! So he can do that alone next time and i wont say a thing about the sort of shoes he comes back home with (not much anyway) ;o)

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