Thursday, November 25, 2004

We've been to look at this house this morning. It was very welcoming and had a warm feeling about it, my gut feeling was good if you know what I mean. Its slightly bigger then our apartment but it has a complete downstairs with a big room and two smaller ones plus you got your laundry room in there as well.The basement had a fresh smell to it, not a moldy kind of smell some houses have, but the windows are so small. Theirs only one bathroom though and it would need redoing with putting in a new bathroom suite and re-tiling. The kitchen was old but not in a bad state, just maybe a new coat of paint on the cupboard doors. A great plus was that all the appliances were new-ish, a couple of years old only. There is a cold conservatory attached to it, you access it from the kitchen. Possibly you could remake it into a warm one and voila you'd have an extra room or you could extend the house that way and gain some more space for the kitchen/lounge area. It would create a very nice sheltered outside veranda between the extension and the garage. Some painting of the wood details outside are needed but other then that we couldn't spot much on our first visit. The more I think about it the more I like it and that's a first with a house!

The garden was excellent, the main bulk of it was facing south and was at the back. There were at least 3 apple trees, a long line of raspberry bushes along the back fence and 4 currant bushes. Some medium size trees and a roseborder along the conservatory. Plenty of room for some vegetable patches and there is a little birds pond apparently even though it was covered with snow now I think it is seen in the pictures.

We have to have a serious think about this one. Only thing is there is a 'do it upper' house for sale as well in the same area, just across the street really, for a lot lesser money. We are going to have a look at that one as well. The real estate woman said there is a couple who are interested in the 'Rose cottage' (the nice one is located at Rose Street) and was going to talk to their bank about a loan but the couple were also going to look at this other house 'The Thistle' (since the road is called Thistle Road). Going to discuss this with Jamie when we are on our way to IKEA tomorrow. That is if we're not going to get another half snow blizzard! Then we're not going anywhere, because if it snows here in Falun it is much worse up over the mountains on the road to Gävle. Keep your fingers crossed there is no snow, I want to go to IKEA!

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