Thursday, August 28, 2003

This is what i have been doing today...

It might not look much, but it is a pain in the butt getting the red paint off! There's still some left to do on one of the doors and on the sides and the small woodwork around the top and bottom. But it is getting there slowly. Trouble is, the stuff you use to strip the paint off dont work if it gets to be colder then +10 and it is getting to be COLDER then +10 and it is only the end of august still! It has snowed in the north of Dalarna for christs sake! And no you cant be indoors because the stuff STINKS, im guessing i'd have no braincells left if we would do it inside. It is sitting in Lottas garage right now and she is helping me.

Anyway, im home from work this week due to that i've strained my muscles under my left ribs sometime 2 weeks ago and it has only been getting worse. I booked a time with the company healthcarecenter for wednesday and the kind doctor told me what was wrong and that i should be off untill next monday. I didnt say much more then thank you and would you give me a sicknote so my boss believes me? Thing is, im fine as long as i remember not to lift anything heavy or do anything at all too heavy. So scraping some smelly gelly from a cupboard has suited me fine. Because i couldnt just sit inside and stare at these 4 walls or else i really would have gone mad.

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