Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I know i've been absent lately from bloggin about my life. But i really havent had any energy to write and when i've sat down to put at least a few lines in i give up after a couple of minutes thinking i have nothing to say. But now im going to try and write a bit each day.

Today has felt like one big run-around. In the last couple of days both my bike and James' have been poorly and not been able to keep the air in the tires. Somehow i felt it was a conspiricy when it was both in the rear tire which is most difficult to take off and put back due to all the gears and hooks and thingymagics that is attached to it. Of course James' went fine to change and fix the hole in. But when it came to mine that has fewer gears it all mucked up and the gearbit fell off! Its not supposed to do that i found out today when i had to bike( on first gear all the way since that was the only one working!!) to the bicycleshop to get it fixed by the nice man working there. It was, to say the least, funny to bike there, no matter how much i pedaled i could JUST get up to speed so i could pass people walking! Bit embarrasing as well i might add....

Anyway the nice chappy took my bike between the jobs he had since i pleaded with him i biked all the way from the other side of town to get there. I told him it was probably me that messed everything up when removing the wheel but he assured me he'd seen worse when people try to fix it themselves.... He showed me how to unhook the gearline so i knew how to do it the next time, it looked fiddly but a great deal better then the way i had done it. After the visit to the bike doctor i went up the hill to go have a peek at a new shop that has opend. It is a new low price chain that has opened up here in Falun. It was full of people doing their best to clog up the aisles just standing talking to people they knew instead of moving to one side so other shoppers could get around. I shopped a bit and stood in line for the tills for about 30 minutes to get out. Bit crazy i know but when you can do bargains why not.

After that it was off to my gran for the usuall shopping and going to the bank day. She is getting on a bit now and has taken more and more to lay in bed. But she seemed perky when i came and she was up and about for the while i was there.

And now im cooking lunch waiting for James to get back from work. Later on this evening im going out for a dinner with some girls from work since there is 3 who are going to leave this week. Wonder how late that will get.

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