Saturday, December 13, 2003

Don't you just hate having a cold? Well I managed to get the flu on tuesday and am not best pleased! It is horrid enough to get an ordinary cold, but a flu? Yuck, I'd forgotten just how fuzzy headed you get from having a fever. And it doesn't make things any better that James got it a couple of days after me either. Now when I'm rid of the fever and perky enough to want to do stuff I feel too weak and sweaty just moving from the sofa to the kitchen to get something to drink. And everything in my mind is churning, its only 11 days left until Christmas and I've not finished my shopping yet! Or got a tree yet... Me, who every year solemnly swear not to get stressed at Christmas has wound myself up so tight I'm starting to panic a bit at the sight of the days just slipping by in a feverish haze! And it had to happen just this year as well when my sister and her bf can come to Christmas because they found someone willing to work for them over Christmas and they want to stay at our place! Me who wanted to get everything nice and settled for our first Christmas here and now I'm feeling more and more the urge to scream BAH HUMBUG to anyone cooing about Christmas and oh how wonderful it will be! I just have a big lump in my stomach and am not relaxed at all.

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