Saturday, December 20, 2003

At last I might be making some progress to get better from this flu thing. I went back to work on thursday though, big mistake. I went to work yesterday as well but came home after a couple of hours and am now on sickleave until tuesday if I feel like I need it. I always go back too early! I think it must be my mum making an imprint in me when I was younger that you shouldn't be home sick, oh no, you should go back to school/work as soon as you can. But it doesn't work with me. I just get relapses and end up sick again :(

The coughing haven't stopped and my nose is still like a tap flowing with water. But at least I don't have a fever (knock on wood) anymore. The really silly thing is I feel awful for being at home. I got a guilty conscience about it! But that must be because I feel better when not doing so much and just relaxing, it helps my coughing as well. But when I'm at work I cough like an idiot because I'm doing stuff so it is a battle between feeling like your skipping work just because or getting your health back by doing light stuff at home. I'm dreading to tell my mum I'm home again, I can just hear her voice crackle in my head with all sorts of comments. Oh well, its the time to be jolly, so lets forget about that and be merry! Im sure a little glas of something strong will aid me in that ;)

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