Saturday, December 06, 2003

It's an amazing morning considering we have had the worst grey weather for over a month! It is blowing hard outside and the sun is rising to almost a blue sky. It has a white haze to it but i am sure the sun will shine today between the gusts of snow! There were storm winds yesterday night that made the windows rattle and the dry snow that fell to fly around making it look like a blizzard at times outside. Im sure it is colder as well, it looks like it.

We are heading into the center of town in a bit to purchase hall furniture from the Elephant shop (Indiska). We are walking it and im worried because i dont own a hat and my hood wont be any use outside in this wind! I will have to borrow one of James' hats. I hope we will make it back in time, im working this weekend as well so cant stay too long shopping!

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