Saturday, November 29, 2003

We are visiting my sister in Gothenburg this weekend. We usually try to get there for her birthday once a year. We went into Gothenburg today for some christmas shopping. Well considering the amount of people milling around the streets i am surprised that James kept up for the entire day! He was very good even when i got a bit cranky at the end before we had a little lucnh at a full packed cafe. Their warm sandwiches were nicer then our home made ones and that says a lot, anyway to Pauline.. :)

I only managed to get one christmas present though. But of course we had time to go into a Lush shop as well. But considering how much soap i already have at home i was very very good and only bought a honey soap. Cant live without that soap!

The drive down here was miserable all the way. Rain and thick mist didnt do the trip any good. Neither did the fact that i was collected straight from work and we had already had a hectic morning there so i was very tired to start with. But we got here in the end even though it took at least one hour longer then any other trip we have made down to my sister. The forcast for tomorrow when we are going back doesnt look much better. Still grey and rain, possibly snow further up north. Ok for rain and mist, but please no snow untill we are home!

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