Thursday, November 06, 2003

Don't you just hate needles?

I went to have a blood test done yesterday and knowing I'm a difficult patient with veins that don't want to be found I told the nurse she will only get 3 chances and then I'm out of there. I've started to set a limit to how many times they can stick that needle in me after a disastrous time when they couldn't draw blood. And still they had tried 7 places on both of my arms. In the end they took it from the top of my hand and burst the vein in the process as well so I had a HUGE black bruise for a week or so after it. So the pressure was on for the poor nurse, she joked and said I might stick around for the 4th time but I looked her straight in the eye and said no way am I going to be a living pin cushion again. She managed to find enough blood on her second attempt, at least enough for the tests they needed to do. I will find out next week what the results are when I have an appointment to see the doctor. Its nothing serious, I'm a diabetic you see and they do checkups once in a while. And I'm not worried since my blood sugar levels have been very good.

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