Friday, November 07, 2003

I've just had a shower and used almost the last drops of 'B' never to busy to be beautiful' shower gel, I only use it when I need to treat myself to something luscious when I'm tired to the bone from work. Ohhhh, the bathroom absolutely oozes of a lovely honey scent. Not to mention my skin, all soft and sweet smelling. It smells like I've dipped myself in a big honey pot (but nicer!) Its such a shame they don't to big bottles of it, only small gift ones. I've already checked on the Lush online shopping site since I'm running out if it! I'm a great fan of everything Lush and fresh. It was James' mum that introduced me to this wonderful world of great handmade soap and bath ballistics and wonderful bubbles and and and! There is a new shop in Sweden as well! In Västerĺs! That is not so far away from here. Hopefully they will open a new shop further north soon and end up in Kupolen (big shopping center in Borlänge) because I doubt it will come here to ickle Falun.

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