Sunday, November 16, 2003

All is well again at work even though the drama spilled over to continue on Friday morning.

Lotta, Me, James and Roland went to an auction today, well two auctions if you are going to be picky. The first one being furthest away and the one that in the newspapers looked most promising was in fact the most disappointing one of the two. The first one was held by the same company that sold the cupboard we bought this summer. And it was supposed to be their quality autumn auction. Bah humbug is my opinion! Ok lots of old stuff. Old enough to have come from some museum and just as brittle as such items. Nothing really for us since we usually like the auction with goodie boxes and all sorts rather then the expensive collectors auctions. So after a brief discussion where everyone agreed to move on it was onward to Borlänge. And since it started later, at noon, we had plenty of time to view what was going.

I found 2 very cute and odd looking elephants that I bought for 25 kronor, unfortunately along with them came a little wooden indian which is cute also, a modern metal string sculpture as a candle holder (perfect for Rosie) and a little ceramic pot for melted butter. I put the two elephants in my coat pocket and handed the other stuff to James. Poor him and poor Roland but they are generally very good and don't grumble too much if we feed them a few sausages while the items are being sold off. There were some postcards but not really any nice ones or local to us. And as James said postcards of churches are just plain old boring since they don't change like a city card does.

We found another thing as well. A 1920's wall clock. At the bargain price of 275 kr! I thought it would be hopeless to bid on it and start of way up in the 500's. The clock does work, you wind it up with a key and it has a clear ringing double chime and right now it is keeping time. We set it around 7 and it is still hanging in there. I don't know if we will keep the chime going once its run out when the auction man winded it up for us to hear, it depends on how annoying we think it is at night. But I suppose you can get used to it though.

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