Monday, November 03, 2003

Long time ago there used to be someone posting on this blog. But where the heck she went I haven't got a clue.

How come your life can get so boring that its not worth posting anything about it? Well its not really boring, BORING. Just very , normal and quiet and everyday kind of stuff. There is just so much you can say about work, home, auctions. OHH yes we've been to quite many auctions me and Lotta. Getting really into this now, we even have our little 'black books' with us now where we put what the things went for and what they were. Ohh very smart and professional... Pfft. James is now so bored of auctions he actually falls asleep with his eyes open at them. I still persist in that he doesn't need to come with me every time but still he does. I think it is because he has figured out that he can keep a better eye on me when he's there. But I usually buy MORE when he is there then when he isn't.

I've finished the book and am started on another one by Tolkien. I'm eagerly awaiting the last film as well, but doubt if I can get any tickets for it the first week. Still I don't consider myself a total LOTR geek. I like the fantasy world of it. But I didn't think the book was the most amazing book I've ever read. I am ashamed to say I prefer the films even though they don't follow the book.... It will be interesting to see how they've rearranged the last film and what their ending will be. I quite like the ending of the book even though it means that the Shire gets it. I thought I heard somewhere that it wasn't included in the film. Oh well, not long now though.

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