Thursday, November 13, 2003

Major drama at work tonight. Mrs B took it badly that she and Mr B wasn't invited to a cruise on a Finland ferry, they found out tonight. She thought it was a work organized party but really it is Big Brother still haunting us and selecting a few friends and former work colleagues to take on trips like this. And it is always a big hush hush about them going so as to that Mr B and missus or anyone 'unsuitable' wont get whiff of it until it is too late. Obviously because they don't want them to tag along. It's the A team and the B team all over again. I hate when that happens.

Anyways, Mrs B thought also that there were a lot of bullshitting going on at work and everyone talking behind her back and so on. Well no wonder since she is readily dishing it out as well. But seemingly she cant take the heat when it is reversed and fell into tears tonight when I asked if there was something wrong. She said she had been nice to others and couldn't understand why people where behaving like this, she also asked me if she had been nasty towards me and I said it had been borderline a couple of times. When I said that she looked very shocked and said if it was so she hadn't meant it in a bad way. I suppose it is how you come across when talking to someone. But seriously, she has been dishing it out. We have one girl on maternity leave who cried every day the last 2 weeks before she went on leave because of Mrs B nasty tongue so she isn't all innocent. But sadly it must come to this before we do anything about it. If anything will happen is yet to be seen though. Me, I have doubts it will and if anything will happen it is that Big Boss will tell us all to leave Mrs B alone and shut up about the bullshitting. But that wont solve the real reason for all of this. And the real reason why work is a horrible place to be in sometimes is Mr B and his attitudes and that Big Boss allowed Mrs B to start work there as well. You could handle one but pair them up and you got hell brewing and I wouldn't like to be there when it boils over. It will be most interesting to go to work in the morning. I've already phoned Lotta and warned her about the storm coming ....

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