Friday, January 17, 2003

So at last, im back on my feet again and not feeling all wobbly on them for once. I went back to work yesterday already but i wasnt in any fit state to blog yesterday. That my 11 hour nap can vouch for! Going back yesterday was a mistake but one i always get pushed into doing since i dont want the boss to frown upon me being away from work. But to my surprise i couldnt care less to what he had to say or rather he didnt say, of course, you always asume he will come down on you for being off a lot but then when you think he is about to go off on one of his rants he tells you that Mr T has quit, just like that. Apparently Mr T came in on monday as usuall and then left after an hour to go to his new job! No 4 weeks notice no nothing just up and went, pfffft. If that would be one of us trying that stunt it would turn REALLY ugly.

Oh well never mind that, the new one in charge is going to be Ulrika. She has done a bit in the fruit and veggie section earlier but she really has education for being in the meatcutting where she is right now. But i guessed he had to swop people around after Big Brother quit because it was getting very overcrowded in there. Am i surprise to be overlooked again? No not really, i know my boss will never give it to me anyway. I've been to ill, too poorly with my shoulders, back, you name it, to get anything mildly importent or interesting to do in the shop. Its just another push for me to go and look elsewhere for work. Trouble is i dont know what i would like to do besides this. Im 30, i should have a vague idea about it shouldnt i? But no i just dont know what i want to do when i 'grow up'...

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