Thursday, January 23, 2003

Finaly! We are going to sign the REAL contract for our new apartment tomorrow at 3. Im also going to take a few pictures from the apartment and count how much wallpaper we will be needing for the little bedroom which will be our bedroom. We decided it would be better to have the smaller one as ours and use the big bedroom for guests, computer, gadgets, hobbies, whatever we can think of. E who is selling it to us said we could get entrance to it earlier if we wanted to do some wallpapering before we moved in. She is a very reasonable old lady, a true saint compared to knucklehead in the other apt!

We have almost decided on what paper to put up, well to be honest i've decided and James have said uhm or hum to my suggestions. We will have a patterned one on the wall where our beds headboard is and then a nice simple colored one for the other 3 walls. The floor is white plastic so the colorschemes could be anything really. But i think i'll stick to my favorite one. It is a white background with vines of flowers in cremecolour. They had a very nice variation of that pattern in a dark lilac that i was severly tempted by but i resited knowing i would have got tired of it very soon. Will have to see what i think when we see the apt again tomorrow.

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