Sunday, January 19, 2003

There was a bit of a drama at work today. We had a store detective working today and she spotted this gang of russians who has made it a living going round the shops lifting stuff and then taking it back home to Russia to sell for hard cold cash. Anyway the detective called the police to ask for assistance when she was going to aprehend the persons, but they said they had no car to send, so insted of risking it to get ugly all staff available went around keeping all eyes on them untill they noticed they had been spotted. One of them went out very quickly and he moved the car to across the street, we got the licensnumber. And then it was just a matter of waiting untill the other guy went out. But he didnt go before trying to scare us into leaving him alone by staring at Vera following him. It didnt really work, Vera got a giggle attack when she saw him bulging his eyes at her so she had to go behind a shelf before exploding in laughter. I think it was then that he realized we werent going to let him go out with the stuff he had picked up. So he offloaded various items(razorblades,chewing gum by the boxes) around the shop, closely followed by us, before he went out. At times talking on the mobile to his partner in crime asking what to do i suspect. The shopdetective was disappointed and a bit miffed at us for crowding him so much but i rather have it that way and he leaves without anything then him fighting his way out with the detective.

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