Wednesday, January 08, 2003

We are all set for the next few months of excitment to begin then. First we have to go to the bank today and get the deposit for when we are signing the contract for our new home on monday and set a date for when we want the loan payed out. Then we have to go and sign the papers on monday... Next we have to go and leave our notice on this apartment, again. Then we have roughly 5 weeks to run around and make up plans and pack and get organized and clean and EVERYTHING before we can move into the new apartment on the 27th of february! Anyone care to come over and help us move??

Well the fun will begin with us (me) chosing the new wallpaper in the bedroom and maybe a new color to the kitchen wall. Also we have to contemplate if we are going to put down some wooden flooring in the kitchen straight away or if we will wait a while. It would i suppose be better to do it before we move our furniture in and save us the hassle of moving everything out again when we decide that we do want to redo it anyway, doesnt is. Oh well, plans can be made and unmade into the endless nights before we (me) make our minds up. So beware readers, this blog is turning into your own Home Improvement show versus Changing Rooms! But hold the mdf..... ;oP

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