Monday, May 13, 2002

Back to work again... And nothings really changed at all. I've been gone for 2 weeks, one week off sick and one weeks vacation in England. Going back to work was not fun. I already felt all stressed out on sunday morning when i woke up thinking it was monday and i had to go to work! What a relief when i discovered it was still just sunday.

Sunday was really a recovery day as far as i thought. We went to see my gran though, she was fine and im going there again tomorrow to help her out with her shopping.

Really not much to tell besides the usuall crap thats going on at work. All the guys went missing at 5 today because they were going to drive some go-cart.. It wasnt very well timed with the busy time at work. But never the less they went and left us 'girlies' to fend for ourselves the best we could. Makes me so mad! You might guess who was the brain behind this great idea.. I am wondering why i still hang on to this work since it is only moving downhill more or less all the time. It didnt used to be like this before. You can clearly make a before and after date to when all this started to happen. Before and after Big Bosses brother.. I generally stop listening when i hear him go out on one of his usuall rants about just about anything to offend people. Or just get them to react. Its really sickening when you think about some of the things he blurts out. Never mind me, im just in a foul mood after todays work.

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