Monday, May 20, 2002

What a wonderful morning! Sun is shining from a clearblue sky! I think we are going for a picnic today. But where to go is the question... I have to have a good think where would be nice to go.

I really like holidays. This weekend it is Pingst here in Sweden, some sort of christian thingy, which isnt my strong point in life.. I really dont care what it is about as long as i can have an extended weekend OFF since im not working .. :o)

We went to IKEA yesterday with my mum. She wanted to do something so i suggested we go there to have a peek. I didnt really buy anything interesting because i couldnt find anything that tempted me. We had a bit of a spring/summer clearing out at home as well. Got some of all the things sorted that im going to put away and some that im going to give to charity to sell off. Am going to do some more of that today after the picnic i think. You really do gather so much JUNK it is amazing. Wonder why because i've always thought it was good to have fewer material possessions, but still it seems im like my mum who hordes things like a chipmunk! I really hope that you dont turn into your parents as the saying goes.... :o)

Oooh, James is singing in the kitchen. He is so sweet, he makes me breakfast every morning. I am getting to be so spoiled. But since he doesnt mind doing it i might as well let him to it... Breakfast is apparently done so have to go. And then after that, picnic in the sun!

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