Thursday, May 02, 2002

Hmm, i still got a cold and phoned work this morning to say that i wasnt coming in today. The Big Bosses brother answered and sounded very suspicious of what i was telling him. I hate when he does that, Does he really think that i would say im home sick and then in the next second go out to town or whatever 'fun' thing i was going to do besides going to work? Is he really that thick and stupid to think that everyone is lying about why they are home? He is one of those that would go to work even if he had the flu and chirpy say that nothing cant be fixed with a Treo (our equivalent to aspirin) or whatever homeopatic remedy that is in his favour at that moment. His ideal treatment is a bottle (or two) of Kan Jang and loads of aspirins. I wouldnt go if i had the flu, and i wont go when i have a cold that makes you feel all drained and tired and you still got a nasty cough that gives you the most charming whisky voice you've ever heard. It makes me so angry that he doesnt believe me. Last time i had a cold i went back to work too early and got a prolonged cold which needed penicillin to clear up. And i dont need that again especially since me and James are going to England now on Saturday!

James suggested i write in here to ask what sort of clothes we would need to bring and the magic weather fairy would phone up and tell us what to bring. Probably the same fairy that used to wash his clothes and make his dinners no doubt.... ;o)

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