Wednesday, May 29, 2002

As you might have noticed i've changed my template, again. But i was getting bored and tired of the darker one with the moon and stuff so i wanted a change. You can still see how it looks like when reading the archives if i havent fixed that... Anyone know of a good template page that actually works?? I would be glad for any tips.

Other then that, my day off has proven to be a disappointment. James had to stay home since his cold has gone worse so i had no one to go watch the cruising with! Its not as fun to go by yourself, and Rosie wasnt home, probably out with her bf. And Lotta has escaped to Greece for a 2 week holiday, lucky her... It left me wondering what the heck i would get up to whole day. Slept in late and felt sleepier when i woke up then when i went to bed last night.

Just one of those days you feel got wasted away... i dont like that.

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