Sunday, May 26, 2002

Wonder how James will cope tonight, they just phoned from his work and wondered where he was. Apparently his boss had forgot to tell him that the nigth schedule was from this week, i.e tonight as the first night. I quickly made him some tea to take with him in a flask (i know) and off he rushed with a kiwi and some youghurt as well. Poor thing is getting a cold so he is going to try his kiwi cure. He swears it helped him last time. Im not so sure about that... ;o)

The Eurovision song contest was hilarious last night. And yes the greek group looked like the Borg! Resistens is futile... Dont have an opinion if the songs where good or not. I thought all of them more or less sang out of tune besides the denmark singer who i thought was actually quite good. The new Leathered up BoyZone from Cyprus was a good laugh. Wonder where they have practised their 'bedroom looks' the main singer was glaring at the tv camera with. The russian group looked like something from a Loreal commercial with their perfectly put on make up. It must have been sweat proof stuff because i was waiting for it to smear when they showed close ups ...

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