Wednesday, May 22, 2002

I hunted the blog down!
It has returned but it was very strange yesterday when all i got surfing there was 'Page not found' and it didnt come back untill i blogged a silly line yesterday. Wonder if it was bored with lack of interest? Or it might have thought the grass was greener somewhere else. Im glad it changed its mind alas i would have had to start all over with a new blog.

No im not loopy, just bored out of my ickle mind. Its been a non exciting day off. Really wonderfull weather outside but couldnt be bothered to go out. James had a call from work wondering if he could come in as soon as possible and that was at 10. So been all by my lonesome for the rest of the day.

Mind you it could have turned out interesting for James if i hadnt got the clippers working again. I usually cut his hair at home and I had just made one stroke with it and cut a nice little line much shorter then the rest of his mop of hair when i said Ooops! I discovered that the clippers had a crack all along the backside and it was making strange noises. James was a bit worried that i might have to go out and buy a new one to finish off the clipping. And then work phoned for him... It would have been interesting if he had to go there looking like that... :o) But fortunatly for him i taped the clippers steady and it was alright to finish off the trim.

I will have to have a look at more professional clippers. Its the second one in a year breaking down. I suppose i use them quite a lot and i also use it when Rosie wants a trim but really they should last longer. Can i go on a whinge about the quality of electric appliances? Naah, better not, its so boring with whinging people, unless it is myself doing it of course... ;o)

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