Saturday, May 11, 2002

What was that?? Its a bird, no its a Superwoman, no its a plane with Tigs getting back to Sweden!
A very hectic week it has been indeed but finally im back in Sweden again. Talk about ironic, England really should be warmer and more summery like but when we stepped out of the plane at Hässlö it was like stepping into a sauna! It was really really WARM! People were walking around in shorts and not even that at times i saw, when driving back home! I averted my eyes just in time but never mind that... ;o)

Friday was really a nice and slow day, a bit of a change from the busy busy days before. We just had a quick tour of the local tourist trap of Lavenham. Its nice with all the crooked houses and small tearooms. It still feels like an old little sleepy village even though the tourists usually take over at the weekends. After that we had a tour of the bigger town Bury St Edmunds. But parts of it was closed off due to the festival starting there today so we never had the chance to see if they had changed the flowers in the Abbey Gardens or listen to any music. Its a shame but i think we will have many more chances of that later on. Just have to plan a bit better next time.

The evening yesterday was very quiet and it gave us a chance to pack all of our stuff as well. James didnt need to sit on the lid while i locked the case, thats a change from before! Bit overweight but they didnt seem to mind at the airport when we checked in... Just lucky us i think because the woman behind the counter looked a bit scary! Today was really just a traveling day. My mum came to collect us so it was easy peasy getting back home. Which is a change from the usuall hassle of getting the bus into Stockholm and then fit a train back home into it all. All that plus carrying very heavy luggage isnt very nice. But this was just a stroll out to mums car and home we went.

I've been unpacking all our stuff and had a bath as well. Got to use some of the nice Lush stuff i bought in London. So now i smell all Divine.. I will have a nice glas of pepsi before settling in front of the telly with our new videotape, Bridget Jones Diary and have a nice evening... :)

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