Thursday, May 30, 2002

Just a day left to work untill im freeeeeee!

There is something special with Frankies voice.. I couldnt resist it any longer and went and bought a Frank Sinatra Greatest hits cd. Im listening to it right now and...aaaaah... relaxing from work. James has just gone to work so i thought i'd sit down and blog a bit and fiddle with the template and see what John has written on his page. And a glas of cold Pepsi Max does make everything perfect, at least for me....

Do you know which Frank song i like best? Please dont laugh, but its Strangers in the night. I cant get it out of my head and i almost know the lyrics off by heart. Besides i've been known to pester people with it... I even made a home made karaoke .midi of it! Ask Twinkie he knows... :o)

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