Friday, May 31, 2002

Finaly friday. Work just swooshed by and it was time to go home before i had the time to think WEEKEND!
It was alright at work today i guess. Mr T is trying his best and i suppose i should give it a rest, BUT really, women are more organized!
Instead of lingering on forever with the vegetables we get in the morning i want to get them into the coldstore as quickly as possible and in the order as to when we got them. Oldest on top. But Mr T likes to fiddle with them and leaves them forever out in the warmth and instead is constantly on the phone to the grossers ordering more stuff or just chittchatting to the man in charge. And that annoys me A LOT! Because that means he is walking around trying to be all importent and leaves all work for me or Malin who works there as well.. It is only when i've given him the old evil eye look a few times and goes looking for where he has disappeared that he hustles a bit and gets something done! He is nice and all that but a drifter .... and the boys at work defends him whatever you say so what can you do but moan a bit and get a new job as soon as possible.. HA!

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