Friday, May 10, 2002

This is yesterdays post, due to problems at blogger i couldnt post and publish it last night.

I think my legs are going to fall off. Yesterday we spent the whole day on the move in London and today was shopping in Norwich. Using the tube in London is exellent, when the escalators work that is but when they dont and you have to take the stairs because your to lazy to find the lift i think you get new leg muscles or end up feeling like your leg will fall off! Im surprised my card hasnt melted yet by being used so much. But i got some really nice clothes and some fun things as well, as a rocking Elvis that you stick in your car window. I might give that one to my mum since she likes dangly bits and pieces in her car. Anoys the hell out of me when im borrowing her car but never mind. Besides she likes Elivs so now she can have him there rolling his hips at her..

We found our way to the rendevouz spot with Twinkie in London and i texted him to say we had arrived. And then i was on the look out for someone who looked like a Twinkie. I actually guessed wrong twice before he appeard. But when he did walk around the corner he looked like i thought, just a bit taller then i had imagined. We had lunch at a Pizza Hut and talked a bit. Being bit nervous i think it didnt go that bad and he wasnt as shy and quiet as he said he was so, it was nice! Hopefully he wont think it was too boring and i might lure him over to Sweden to show him our famous hole in the ground. Have to introduce him to Blondie at work as well.. ;o)

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