Tuesday, May 07, 2002

I've had a distraught James looking at my sitemeter and thinking it was broken because his page had only had 10 visitors and mine had 198.. His face was one of disbelief and then he went to see where everyone was coming from. Apparently im made Weblog of the week at this place. Im not so sure what sort of a place it is, but they have a hilarious picture there about hanging around, take a Snickers.. ;o) My comment: OUCH!

Besides laughing untill I cried at James right now we've had a nice relaxing day in Ipswich with a bit of shopping and just hanging around really. Bought a few clothes and almost got into a fight about James needing new shoes but not trying any out and me calling him a 'tight git' because he didnt want to spend money on shoes. But all that is now forgotten and made up, untill the next time i see a shoestore i want him to go into and have a look.. He at least got a shirt and i got some nice new music and some clothes.

Tomorrow we are going to London! Finaly going to be able to put a person to the name Twinkie. As to what else we are doing its all very vague. Either we go see a West End show if there are any halfprice tickets left or else we'll jump onto one of the sightseeing buses and maybe even go on the river tour included. Its been nice weather and they promise more of it tomorrow. So fingers crossed it will stay nice!

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