Friday, May 03, 2002

Im getting to be nervous now. Im going to be on an airplane tomorrow! Wonder how it will be this time. Hopefully i will relax and im definitely taking with me a book to read or at least try to read so I have something distracting my mind from whatever is happening. I’m really looking forward of going over there again. But a bit scary since I’ve been told that we're meeting some of James' relatives that I’ve not met before.

James just went out to run some errands for me since I still have my cold and have to stay at home. I have to start packing soon and have a look at what to take with me. Got to remember Twinkies phone number as well so we can phone and say we're arrived and would he come collect us from Victoria Station. That will be most interesting, to meet him. I have in my head a picture of a totally nutty person with a similar sense of humour as myself and in other ways very much like me. Both of us are shy meeting people 'in real', and add James to that and ... it makes for an interesting meeting however quiet it might turn out...!

We got a really full week ahead if everything turns out like planned. I don’t think we got any day that isn’t packed with things to do and people to meet and..! Doesn’t sound much like a relaxing vacation but its usually like this when we go there so I guess we are used to it. Besides it would be a bit on the dull side if we didn’t plan what to do. The village we're going to isn’t big enough to be interesting for a week. I know from being there the first time ever and James had to work that week. I think I had a lonely-housewife-syndrome coming down on me because there wasn’t much to do. To walk around the village took only 20 minutes or so and you could only do that so many times before getting utterly bored with it. And English daytime tv.. lesser said about it the better!

I will fill you in with what is happening over there when i got time. Im sure there will be something to tell. At least an update on James' attempts to cook for us. His mum asked if he would do some now when we're there and he is hesitant but don’t mind I think. As long as he can come and ask me how to do it or depend on me rescuing him, like I do over here. But I don’t think his mum would appreciate the new wallpainting effect of splatted brown dots all over the cupboards... I know I didn’t.. :o)

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