Thursday, May 23, 2002

Today was yet another sunny day with a clear blue sky. I could get used to this. As long as I dont need to work of course...

It was ok at work I suppose, why do I still work there i ask myself quite frequently. Still havent come up with a good answer to that more then the obvious one, its money coming in. But not really what I would want to do for very much longer in life. Im sort of hoping James will get a steady job not needing to depend on that they phone him all the time offering him titbits of work.. And then I might get out of my job and do something completly different. Would give my poor bones some rest from that daily grind. Sometimes im wondering if im doing worse now that im in a different section. It is heavier work, but it is more varied then the other stuff I did.

Maybe I should be like this strange artist in the Letterman show , juggleling oranges while climbing through a tennis racket. I got the tv on as a backround noise and I listen in sometimes when it gets interesting or just like now, ridiculous.

I wrote a little email today to my exfriend and asked what the hell she ment saying stuff like that, and I got an all huffy mail back saying she didnt understand what i was on about...And would I explain further to what she might have done. Oh I would gladly do that but not right now, lets see if she phones or writes asking for an explanation again. Silly isnt it...?

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