Monday, May 27, 2002

So, off he went on his bike to work. I've just realised how much i really hate sleeping alone. Its strange how quickly you get used to having someone close, snoring some times or just tossing and turning in bed because he cant sleep. Its quite interesting waking up hearing him talk in his sleep. Mumbling and really ranting sometimes! But i can never make out what it is all about. Mostly it is in jibberish, but then once in a while there is real sentence but totally wacko. Like the time he asked for his eggs now! And the next thing was something about pinning them (the eggs) to the wall. Dont ask me how his mind works, it keeps me greatly amused though.
Im sure he doesnt think the same about my ickle habit of wacking him one in his sleep. I did do that a lot before, but i suppose i got used to having someone there and arent just as violent as i was.... :o)

Got one more day of work before i can have my beloved day off! This weeks day off will be well used. There is this local fair all week. And on wednesday there is Cruising with old american cars or what else you have built in your garage during the winter. It is always fun watching them roll by. Especially the beefed up cars for street racing. There is a special something to the sound of a V8 that is irresistible... Hope the weather improves, right now it is drizzly rain, its been really pouring down earlier today.

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