Monday, May 06, 2002

So now i know what a snail race is.... You take one snail per person, put it on a patio slab and the persons snail that crawls off the slab first, wins! Simple isnt it? Very confusing to me, but it was great fun and the commentary was equally fun.. :o)

Meeting James uncle and partner yesterday was interesting and the good ol' sunday dinner was delicious. We even had a match of carpet boule (which i won btw...) and a go at The Really Nasty Horserace game. We didnt do that well in the game, almost had a shot at winning big on our bet that the horse with 55-1 odds would win, but sadly the rules didnt allow a photofinish card to be used once the game had ended. All in all a pleasurable day at home.

Today was the day of the BIG surprise. But the weather is against us so we've had to cancel that one. Instead we are going to see James' grandparents for a while. It will be good fun seeing them again. His grand dad has a computer that he uses for games and the likes and curious as he is he has had a good rumage around in it, maybe to the despair of James and his dad who has to fix it afterwards. But thats what computers are for! For testing and fun. Besides i can sit and giggle while James pulls his hair in trying to fix it even though i might know whats wrong ...

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