Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The more it snows a tiddeli pom..

Currently listening to Joan Baez - Sweet Sir Galahad

It is snowing. Gentle little fleks falling. I love snow. We went up to celebrate my sister on her 40th birthday this past weekend and it snowed all day so we had perfect snowmen snow. So of course we went out and made a snowman that ended up looking like Mickey Mouse for some unknown reason.I tried to ambush Jamie when he came out to help with the snowmouse but he was already prepared and had four snowballs at the ready against my only one. I also made a snowlantern that we had lit all evening. It was a very relaxing day with lots of good food and laughter. Just as life should be.

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Elle said...

Marie, I got your Christmas card but I can't reply as I've lost your address! Please contact me via this email address:

elle dot gee1961 at googlemail dot com

And please switch on your RSS feed so I can add you to my blog roll :)