Friday, August 22, 2008

Big turned little

So we have finally done the Big Dig. Well it turned out to be a small dig actually since they encountered problems when digging and thought it safer not to dig around whole of the house foundation and rather just do the bit where the cellar is, we got a quarter cellar where there has been an old boiler, heater which is very damp indeed. So it is all sorted and the bill came this morning i think because i saw it on the kitchen table and by the size of it it seems like the small dig was almost as expensive as the big dig!

Oh well it is done now so we can pay it off and start to think about what is next to do to the house. Highest on my list is decking around the house including putting in a door from the lounge out onto said decking. But at the top of the list is also redecorating the shower room/utility room where we have a sauna we never use taking up a lot of space and fix/decorate the upstairs toilet and the downstairs toilet. After that i suppose there is the kitchen to think about. It never ends does it?

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