Monday, December 22, 2008


You know I told you last time it had snowed? Well now I am looking out at RAIN! All the lovely fluffy stuff has gone and it is now sort of barely covering the ground. They are predicting colder weather though so there still might be a chance of a white Christmas which we haven't had for some years.

Part from the weather being obnoxious everything is set and ready to go for Christmas Eve dinner with the family. I've made it easy by choosing a pre made ham instead of needing to cook the whole thing myself, all that is needed is to roast it in the oven with some sweet mustard and breadcrumbs sprinkled on top before serving and mum is doing the marinating of ribs and we are not having a big spread of dishes anyway this year so a Christmas made easy it is!

We've had a few friends over before Christmas for pressie swaps and pre holiday fun. We attempted to do marzipan gnomes and ended up doing snowmen and pigs as well that we dipped in chocolate. We had a little chocolate dipping frenzy with dried figs and strawberries wrapped in marzipan at the end. Lovely...

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