Thursday, July 10, 2003

I must be in a white period. Everything in our apartment is turning white or lighter shade of grey. The new sofa, white. Our old coffetables, painted white. New curtains for the bedroom, white. Seating in the new pinnsoffa, offwhite with white garlands. And maybe some white glittery wallpaper for the hall. Havent decided yet on the hall though, have to know if we can get someone to do it or if me and my mum will try to do it ourselves. Maybe it is because i saw an article in a decorater magazine with lovely pictures from a home that i really really liked. And everything in there were shades of white with splashes of colour to accent but mainly it was, white..

Or else it might just be me wanting a calmer surrounding after all the stress we've had with planning the wedding and moving house. Its just a speculation though.

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