Tuesday, July 29, 2003

When sat reading my mails today i found out that an online friend is in hospital due to a bad car accident earlier this week. He is one from the #Cheeky fookahs gang that once rambled the land of IRC. Geeez that was ages ago but still you have close ties to people you met and talked to all those years ago. It seems he is on the mend slowly and surely. Hopefully i will have more news once my emails have been fired off to others.

I've been troubled by the bloggers-block-bug. Couldnt find anything even mildly interesting to write about. Talk about boring life or just a boring outlook on life. Even considered taking this one down and vanishing from the net. I might burn and rise again as the phoenix in a different form, who knows. All i know is that now im utterly bored and cant keep boring you all with this nonwriting malarky. Decisions decisions...

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