Tuesday, September 03, 2002

So it is night time again and no James to keep me company in bed. But i really have to go to bed and sleep! Im getting up early in the morning so...better be beddie buys now, and thanks to blogger being silly earlier i havent been able to do any more work on my template since access was denied when i tried it out. Also a long post vanished into thinn air since i forgot to copy it before posting the damn thing. And i cant be bothered to try to rememeber what i wrote in it anyway.

Its been a crappy day at work for me today. The only thing i liked doing, im not going to get to do anymore... Big Boss said it was best if Mr T got to order everything for now untill HE knows how to do it, i mean if the guy hasnt improved from when he started at this, ages ago, do you think he will?? Seriously?? Or..else they think im crap at it and thats why im not getting to do it anymore. But why not say so to me then instead of this? I anyway think it is a truck full of bullshit! Pardon my french!!

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