Friday, September 27, 2002

It is a lovely autumn day outside, sun is shining from a crystalclear blue sky, it is around +3 and a bit windy. Can life get any better? Yes it can...

This weekend a load of people from work are going on a cruise to Finland. No, i've not been invited to go. Since it is the shrewed Big Brother who has arranged it all only a few 'selected' people from our place are going. All in all, 20 of them... Some of us unwanted people have to stay behind and mind the store and slave on because it is a big weekend here (people got paid today). I really dont care that they are going, it is the way they have arranged it that bugs me, they call it a 'staffparty', but how can they do that, theres been no list to sign up to, no information that there would be a trip, nothing. And i suppose if Boris wouldnt have got to know about it we wouldnt have known before it was a fact today that there are people missing.

Ever since Big Bosses brother came to work at the store things have gone from being us the team, to we and them. Theres an A-team and then theres a B-team. Is that a good way to run a store? I dont think so, but the boss dont want to interfere since it is his brother doing the splitting up. Chicken or what? Or maybe it is the old story about men watching out for each other. I know i stereotype a lot now, but hey that is how it is at my work. I am very objective about what goes on, thats one of my best sides people keep on telling me, or worst, depending on how you see it. But at work lately it is all gone to be like 'The Boys Club'. No not mans club, the BOYS club. Note the difference i make..

Just take a little episode that happened now on tuesday. I was on the veggies doing my stuff and when i was checking the order coming in that morning i saw that Mr T had ordered double of lots of stuff we really didnt need or already had quite a lot of. So i was thinking, should i keep my mouth shut and swear while i put it all in the cold storage or should i go and ask the boss what to do with all the extras. I thought, no way am i keeping my mouth shut this time. So off i went to the boss and asked if it was alright to send some of the grocerys back since Mr T had orderd too much. He came out and had a look and said it was alright, i then asked if he would go down to the storage and have a look to see what else there was too much of, really just so he would see for himself so he couldnt say i was imagening things later on, at this point he was irritated about Mr T and said he would have a talk to him. I dont know if he ever went down to have a look, i was putting in the new prices in the computer at the time but later when i went to ask him something completly different he brought it up and dressed it up to that it wasnt that bad anyway and that i should keep the stuff we had got. I must have looked very surprised because off he went on one of his rants about him taking care of it and that he would help Mr T when doing the order the next day and see to that he worked it out alright, and there wasnt a real problem more then me being a bit picky, that i should help him more, and really just making me more irritated by the second by putting some of the blame on me. Or really just walking around the real subject to confuse and trow in a lot of crap comments to make you go away. He is like this my boss, seriously he is. So no wonder i am looking for something else to do. Its a shame really that the boss cant see who really is working and who is really just making a grand show of them doing some work, but really they just sit and drink coffe, chattering.

To be fair, i sit and relax a bit as well if there is a slow day, but really since you work at the tills as well you dont get to do that so much since you have to be at hand out in the store. At some times i think that we, the cashiers, are the only people with a work ethic worth mentioning at the store, and being cashiers we constantly get overlooked, 'becasue we only sit all day anyway' That is an actuall comment from my boss. He really really thinks we sit and do nothing at the tills. Oh we never take care of your angry customer, lift at least 3 tons a day in grocerys(fact), make sure that people leave the store with a good impression, smile and just make small talk to someone who maybe dont talk to anyone else that day. Small importent things, that without them, you wouldnt have any customers coming back because, who wants to go shopping in a store were they treat you like dirt and give you poor service?

Rant over, but i still got more so.... But maybe not today since the weather is fine and life in general otherwise is absolutely wonderful!

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