Thursday, September 05, 2002

Soon it is the weekend. And im so looking forward to it this week.
I was called in early today. Big Boss still hasnt filled anyone on Jurgens shifts after he quit a few weeks back since he was going off back to school. So we are constantly one man short on the shifts. Well you can imagine my surprise when i got to work today and Sabbi said that they were one extra since Boris had been playing boss and called in Ulla already without telling anyone about it. So really i had 2 hours of wandering around looking for something to do. I couldnt bother with going back home, besides it was thundering so I didnt really want to either. I had a bit of a strange day you could say. I ended up doin a bit of all sorts including doodling a bit in meatcutting. It wasnt as difficult as i thought. And Vera said it looked good what i was doing so...

We had Rosie and Per over yesterday evening. First time meeting Per i was, to say the least, very nervous. But i think he was more nervous then me in the end. Guy meeting his gf's best friend, who she has talked to about everything, wouldnt you be just a tad nerovus about what she knows? ;o)
We talked politics(!) and lots of other stuff as well, and i showed them the new computer, of course. It was nice, and a change from our usuall evenings lately. Not that im complaining, but a bit of variation is good for the soul. I at least got a good laugh when Rosie instead of saying that she had had an avlyssning said avsugning, that made my day, and Per's who couldnt stop laughing either. For all you who dont know swedish, avlyssning is when you listen to something and avsugning is a blowjob.... ;o)
Its much better in swedish though!

When i got home today i noticed two quite big boxes in the halway, alright i thought what has he bought now. And when i went to check my emails i noticed something very strange with our desk. Someone had attached a steeringwheel to it in an attempt to drive it away! There were even some pedals on the floor! Im just waiting for the speeding ticket to arrive on the monitor window now... ;o)
And when i turned on the speakers i got a shock from the subwoofer hiding ontop of the computer tower. He said something about being out shopping a bit earlier when i phoned him from work, maybe i should take him out 'shopping' more often if this is what he comes home with! Btw, the sound is superb!

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