Tuesday, September 17, 2002

I was asked on monday if i wanted to work on wednesday instead of having my day off then. So i agreed and in the end i agreed to work the whole shift since Mr T is sent on a course this week.
What a difference a day can make.... my boss was in the veggie section yesterday and it looked absouloutly smashing! Hopefully people will notice and tell him so he might have another consideration about Mr T, but i seriously doubt it. If anything Mr T will get hassled a bit more then usuall but thats about it i think. Mind you he is losing money quickly in his department and if it is anything the Big Boss doesnt like is losing moeny.... ;o)
But what do i care, i am in a hunt for another job, now once i have started i am going to keep at it, and on work that i wouldnt considered before as well, you cant but get a no. As Lotta did put it on saturday, one more day is one to many..!

Im sitting waiting for my mum to turn up so we can go and do a bit of shopping. There is an offer out on Pepsi, the essential drink in this household, so will go and stock up on it while i get a ride there and back. If i wouldnt have i might have considered going up there on my bike. For one i need to offload my presents to Al at her parents house since they are going down to Gothenburg this weekend for Robins birthday. And besides i am in a change of habit i think. Me and Jamie went out for a walk around the lake Tisken on sunday. It is about 5 km around it and we made it in an hour and a bit which i thought was exellent sicne i havent been walking at all since last winter. Biking is my life but not in wintertime, guess i got worried i was out of shape walk wise and wanted to find out if i would be crawling back home. But i wasnt at all tired when we got back home.
Might go out to walk for a bit after the shopping is done, it has really turned autumn like since sunday. It has been raining and is quite cold, around +10, colder during the nights. Wont be long now untill we have our first frost, YaY me says becasue then all the wasps will die off. They are really annoying at work and they are so slow right now i might end up sitting on one at the tills if i dont keep on watching out for them! Somehow they like our chairs we got at the till.

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