Friday, September 13, 2002

We have had James' parents over for a week now. Sorry for not posting anything but as you might have guessed I have been busy busy.
This time they wanted to rent a cabin since they thought it too expensive to stay at a hotel again since they had no summer offers on anymore. And i agree, hotel prices in Sweden are astronomical off-season which i think is odd. But never mind that, you cant get a boat and free bikes included in a hotel for the price of a cabin by a lovely lake now can you? Ok it is a bit out of town, but think of the upside, you might spot the odd bear or elk as you sit sipping your morning coffe or tea... Not very likely but there is a chance of it out that way. So i thought i would warn them of it... Bad move i think since all they can think of now is getting back to the cabin before nightfall and they are constantly looking out for bears... ;o)

We have had absoloutly smashing weather all week, sunny and quite warm. Only thing coming to Sweden this time of year is that all the tourist attractions are closing down or have already closed, as we discovered on wednesday when we went around the big lake Siljan and did a quick visit to Leksand. The views off Vidablick was fantastic but sadly the viewingtower was closed for the season.
The rest of the afternoon we spent at their cabin, having a go at rowing the little boat and just relaxing.

On thursday we went out to the cabin early in the morning since i wanted to see if we could catch some fish. We spent a few hours rowing around and trying to fish in a drifting boat, we had no anchor, but in the end we gave up since it was so windy we just drifted into the shore all the time. But we had fun all the same, and watching James trying to coordinate himself enough to be able to row us back to the cabin was to put it mildly, fun... ;o)
We played a boardgame called The Labyrinth and had a few games of boule before heading back into town. I wanted to go shopping a bit for some presents for my mum and my friend Ann-Louise's son Robin who is having his first birthday soon. I found a lovely bedspread in lilac and goldstrips, but it was mucho expensive. But maybe if i ask nicely i might get half of it payed by James...

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