Sunday, September 08, 2002

Sunday, and only one day left to clean up the place for James' parents! Its not that bad really but im a bit concerned how much mess the painters will do next week.
They (Kopparstaden) have decided to paint our windowpanels and frames next week, so i will have to get everything out of the windowsill's and take my curtains down. I asked if they couldnt do that the week after since we are having James parents over, but he said they were doing all of the building at once so it would be a bit difficult. It will take 5 days to do it though. I mean, how can it take that long? Ok, first day they scrape old paint off and put on a base, let that dry to the next day, then come back and put one layer of paint on and let it to dry and then next morning put on the finishing one??? Or how many layers do they actually do??

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